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About Us

Our name reflects passion and love we feel for baking cakes. The cakes are handcrafted with the finest and freshest ingredients, including sweet cream, butter, fresh bananas, carrots, real strawberries, mangos and natural citrus zests. We specialize in the latest and upgraded techniques, which render a smooth finish on any type of cakes ranging from simple and delicate designs to a more elaborate and intricate multi-tiered masterpieces. The products are handmade and are made to order. Therefore, the product can be customized as desired by the customer and yields an enormous contentment.

Our products

  • Are baked fresh every day.
  • Have no preservatives.
  • Are made with high quality natural and fresh ingredients.

My Story

At times, life unravels certain uncharted paths; heart gives a call and we respond to it ecstatically. It is the narrative of one of those fine and cheerful days of my school  vacation when I attended this call nonchalantly. As I was making a pancake, a sudden quirk of thought asked me to bake it rather… lo and  behold, here it was, my delicious debut cake ! My family savored the taste of it! This stint in the kitchen unfurled a whole new journey of aspirations. I had embarked on this newly developed longing for baking cakes and cherished every bit while making it.

Making a cake is sheer pleasure for me and I believe that a Cake can not be relished unless it has an essential ingredient of love. As the time advanced and I reached graduation, this love for cake became even more pronounced . I had already made up my mind whichever field I study and make my career in, eventually I will be baking and making cakes. And that is precisely what I now intend to do in Mon Cheri.

Baking cakes and seeing a person relish eating them is happiness for me. For all the years I did my PhD, I was deprived of that love and happiness. Fortunately an opportune break knocked the door and I had to shift to London. I now had ample time, which I always wanted to have , and started working on honing my skills in baking. And London, which is considered one of the biggest baking markets, proved wonders for me to learn and enhance my skills in baking. My dream finally got materialized as I joined Le Corden Blue’s Baking and Cake Designing course and  enjoyed every bit of my learning experience. Baking instructor was amazing and helped me explore numerous aspects of baking. My Interaction with fellow students and the knowledge I gained during the session, are unforgettable and memorable.

It has always been my dream to take my interest and love for baking to a new level by setting up a business in it, and that is how MonCheri commenced. ‘Mon Cheri’ in French means my darling, and baking being my first love, this name was apt.

My cupcakes and cakes are made with the best ingredients added with love to bring joy on your face and contentment in me.